Class 199 students work toward their GED

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Class 199 will be holding its graduation on Friday.  This class was funded by Community Development Block Grants from Chesapeake and Norfolk, as well as funding from the City of Virginia Beach.  It consisted of an unusually high number of participants without a GED or high school diploma.  Of the 29 students enrolled, almost one-third were in this category.  Therefore, extra efforts were made for this class to provide support toward obtaining a GED.

GED textbooks and the GED Practice Tests were purchased from the Virginia Beach Adult Learning Center.  All students are pre- and post-TABE-tested as part of their training in Reading in Math.  The Test of Adult Basic Education is a widely used tool for assessing basic skills.   But since the GED consists of additional subjects (Language, Writing, Social Studies, and Science), the GED Practice Test was administered to see where these individuals scored in those areas and what the next step would be on the road to the GED.  It was determined that three individuals were ready for the GED test!  One has already taken and passed the test!!  Two more have taken the orientation and scheduled a date to take it.  Two more have started GED classes – held after training at the Academy on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-7 p.m. – through a partnership with Chesapeake Public Schools.

The costs associated with materials, classes and testing is covered by the Academy.  The GED is crucial to success.  According to the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center website, individuals with a GED earn an averge of $7,000 more per year than those without a GED or high school diploma.  It is required for many jobs and necessary higher education opportunities.

As it is said, this is one way the Building Trades Academy continues to give “a hand-up, not a hand-out” to its participants.

  1. JOHN MACK says:

    Great to see Building Trades Academy has stepped up their game, thanks to Shannon Pfeiffer. I’m encouraged with Class #200. They are off to a great start; good attendance, good teamwork exhibited on the part of the students. All past BTA graduates should look forward to the Graduation Celebration of the 200th BTA class.

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