“You gave me back my husband.”

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is so important to hear from participants and their loved ones the difference the Building Trades Academy makes in their lives.  Sharing the success is part of what this blog is all about – to take a brief moment to recognize achievements in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.  We, the staff at Building Trades Academy need to hear it personally, and then it needs to be shared with others because it takes so many different people and groups to make all this possible.

I’d like to share about a recent graduate, Mark Reel.  The Academy is able to help all different types of people at different points in their life, and Mark Reel is one such individual.  Mr. Reel recently graduated with Class 199.  He heard about the program while helping a terminally ill friend of the family with things around the house.  While at his residence, which happened to be a part of Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing authority, Mr. Reel saw one of our flyers for the training program.  Having had a military career and still being in the Army Reserves, Mark was unsure if this was something that would fit him, but he says he enjoyed working with his hands and thought he would give it a chance.  He is glad he did because the training program gave him a renewed purpose in his life.

Another part of our effort to share our success with others as well as allow participants to share their own success with friends and family is the creation of a new Facebook page.  Slowly but surely students are starting to partake in their own success.  I’d like share a Facebook comment from Elayne Prude Reel, Mark Reel’s wife, as it was written because it was so inspiring:

I wish to thank the teachers and staff of the BTA for all you have done for my husband. My Mark Reel, after four deployments, came home with PTSD. Added to this, not being about to find work in his given field for two years, running out of unemployment, did not help things. When I spotted the ad for the BTA this summer, we both knew it was just the thing he needed. Up until then, his spirits were so low. But with attending the classes and learning new skills, meeting others with similiar struggles was just the thing Mark needed. God used you to work a miracle; you gave my husband back his dignity. His pride. His sense of he really did matter after all. You gave me back my husband. And I thank you and bless you for you have done for for me and my beloved.
~Elayne Prude Reel

I have to say this is the type of stuff that it is all about, and it is happening everyday at the Building Trades Academy.   Thank you for reading and sharing in Mr. and Mrs. Reel’s life and the lives of our students.

Mark Reel and his wife at graduation.


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