Camelot Civic League honors the Building Trades Academy

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Building Trades Academy was recognized by Camelot Civic League with the “2012 ‘Points of Light’ Appreciation Award” for outstanding community service to the citizens of Camelot and City of Chesapeake.  John Mack, BTA Staff Vice President, accepted the award at the 2012 Community Appreciation Banquet on October 22.  The mayor and Delegate Spruill, who was the guest speaker for the event, were present.  

Students of Class 197 participated in the construction of a brick entrance sign for the Camelot Community as part of their hands-on training.  Students gained knowledge and experience with masonry.  The project took place during March 2012.

Top Row: Chris Haskins, Rommel Jackson, Matthew Baptiste, Sonny Meeks, Jamel Harding, Shawn Spillers; Bottom Row: Erica Naves, Brian Morris, Sandra King


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